Internal Church Communication - Syllabus

Internal Church Communication



Course Outline

Throughout this course, church leaders will learn the tools and techniques needed to create a holistic communication plan tailored for their congregation, which includes consistent messaging, email and newsletter communications, as well as working with volunteers.

The resources in this course will also help churches to utilize a communications plan worksheet, apply S.W.O. T. analysis, and identify effective online strategies to maximize interactions with church members.


Student Orientation to Moodle

Internal Church Communication Introduction

Church Communication Module 1

  • Goal Setting
  • Outline Strategies for Church Communication
  • Church Communication Interaction
  • Communication Plan Worksheet
  • 6 Steps Communication Plan Worksheet
  • 6x8 Monthly Plan
  • Check Your Knowledge
  • Clear Goals
  • Transaction to Measuring Goals
  • SWOT
  • Vital Signs Video
  • Summary

E- Communications Module 2

  • Know What You Want to Do
  • Value of Church e-mails
  • Strategies
  • Subject
  • Using E-Mails to Reach Members
  • Creating and Sending Bulk Emails
  • Top E-Mail Providers for Churches
  • Services
  • Drag-And-Drop Interaction
  • Services
  • Email Techniques

Managing Change Module 3

  • Managing Church Change
  • Leading Through Change
  • 10 Pts Leading Through Change
  • Scenarios
  • Adapting Through Change
  • 5 Tips for Change
  • Elizabeth Kubler Ross Curve
  • Corinthians
  • Handling Volunteers
  • Volunteer
  • 3 Simple Rules
  • Volunteers Interaction
  • Graphic Metaphor
  • Summary


Question and Discussion Forum

Additional Resources

Evaluation Survey

Certificate of Completion