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Church Marketing: How to Effectively Reach Your Community



Course Outline

Tell your church’s story with this start-to-finish guide, designed just for United Methodist churches. Take away something tangible with the practical tools and relevant help for your specific situation included in this online course.

Having the buy-in of your whole team will help ensure success at the church level. Members of your church can participate in the course as a team, enabling you to engage big ideas in a group setting, rather than the traditional top-down approach. This combined with the Church Marketing Plan that you will build during the course, will help you make significant strides toward reaching your community through tried-and-true marketing tactics.


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Church Marketing Module Topics

Church Marketing: How to Effectively Reach Your Church Community

Church Marketing Course Introduction

1. Why Church Marketing

  • The gospel and marketing
  • Experts weigh in
  • Churches today need marketing

2. Values and Vision

  • Defining what values are
  • How a business uses values
  • How churches are using values
  • Examples of churches using vision

3. Perceptions and Needs

  • How others see us and how we see each other
  • Demographics

4. Strategy and Implementation

  • S.W.O.T
  • Finding a niche
  • Branding
  • Benefits of Digital Marketing

Discussion Forum

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  • Questions and Discussion Forum

Course Resources

  • Church Marketing Plan Template.doc
  • External Tactics Resources.pdf
  • Facebook Guidelines.pdf
  • Here's The Ad Sentiment Index Whats Yours?.pdf
  • Twitter Best Practices.pdf

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