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What It Means To Be United Methodist



Course Outline

What It Means To Be United Methodist includes four sections of content: Modern Methodism, Our Roots, What We Believe, and Church Structure. We have selected pictures for each module that highlight locations and people important to the formation of the United Methodist Church that we know today. We encourage you to engage the areas of exploration, such as videos, articles by United Methodist Communications, and links to the authorized history of the church. Enjoy the course.

Course Contacts, Instructions and Navigation

  • How to use Moodle
  • How to Navigate Through the Course Module
  • Student Orientation to Moodle

What It Mean To Be United Methodist

Course Module Topics

Modern Methodism

  • Present successes and challenges
  • Our Four Areas of Focus

What We Believe

  • Essential United Methodist Theology
  • The Book of Discipline
  • Sacraments

Our Roots

  • The early lives of John and Charles Wesley
  • The innovations and impact of “Methodism”
  • Formation of the United Methodist Church in America

Church Structure

  • Conferences and agencies
  • Ordained ministers
  • Apportionment and specific funding opportunities

Question and Discussion Forum

Evaluation Survey

Certificate of Completion

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