Welcoming Ministry - Syllabus

Welcoming Ministry


Course Outline

In this course, we will consider how welcoming effects the life and vitality of our church. We will help you assess your welcoming attitude and provide resources to help your church become more welcoming. We will also give special attention to how your church can be more accessible for people with disabilities. Finally, we will examine what seekers look for in a church and how to reach out to them in meaningful ways.


Student Orientation to Moodle

Welcoming Ministry Introduction

Welcoming As Ministry

  • Hospitality
  • Comfort
  • Questions Visitors Ask Themselves
  • Questions to Consider
  • Taking Pride in Your Church
  • Matthew 25
  • Review Comfort
  • Practice Showing Comfort

Assessing Your Welcoming Ministry

  • Hebrews 13
  • Questions for Assessing Your Church
  • Your Perspective and Others’
  • An Ongoing Task
  • People Are Searching
  • Review Hebrews 13

Tips, Tools, and Techniques

  • Your Church’s Exterior
  • Welcoming Roles
  • Every Members’ Role
  • Visitors’ Experience
  • Long Term Changes
  • Short Term Changes
  • Ask a Friend to Help
  • Survey
  • Neighborhoods Change
  • Visit a Different Church
  • Church Exterior Review
  • Welcoming Roles Review
  • Church Interior Review

Accessibility for Welcoming Ministry

  • Accessibility for All
  • Auditory Needs
  • Visual Information
  • Wheelchair Accessibility in Worship
  • Other Special Needs
  • Special Assistance
  • Information for Websites
  • Communicates to Your Community
  • Match Each One
  • Choose the Best Match
  • True or False

Welcoming Seekers

  • Characteristics of Seekers
  • Ideas for Engaging Seekers
  • Think About Seekers
  • Attitudes for a Seeker Friendly Ministry
  • Greeting Visitors and Newcomers
  • Knowing Your Neighborhood
  • Invitation
  • Identify Potential Guests
  • Follow Up Dos and Don’ts
  • Final Thought
  • Review Attitudes
  • Correct Ways to Follow Up

Final Quiz


Question and Discussion Forum

Additional Resources

Evaluation Survey

Certificate of Completion