Digital Media for Ministry - Syllabus

Digital Media for Ministry


The people in your community are looking at a screen right now! Digital Media for Ministry is an in-depth guide into the most effective ways to communicate using technology that people in your church and community already use. This course will help you create engaging podcasts, captivating videos, blogs, and email newsletters that nourish the souls of your audience.

Introduction to Digital Media for Ministry

  • Introduction
  • Gifts of Knowledge and Communication
  • Definition of Digital Media
  • What Digital Media are You Already Using?
  • Planning for Your Digital Media goals
  • Using SMART Goals
  • Casting a Vision to Your Congregation
  • Who is Your Audience?
  • Using Music, Photos, and Videos
  • Overview of the Course
  • Additional Activities
  • Navigating this Course


  • Planning Your Podcast
  • Creating Your Show
  • Who is Your Audience?
  • Show Formats
  • Sermons vs. Podcasts
  • Episode Length
  • Naming Your Podcast
  • Creating Show Review
  • Planning Episodes (Goals, Timeframe, Realistic Schedule)
  • Producing Episodes
  • Microphone or Smartphone
  • Digital Recorders vs. Computer
  • Creating a Sound Studio
  • Recording Multiple Takes
  • Editing
  • Production Tips
  • Using Audacity and Alitu
  • Music Usage
  • Recording Your Voice
  • Sharing Your Podcast
  • Media Hosting
  • Listing Your Podcast
  • End of Module


  • Videos Introduction
  • Planning Your Content
  • Your Audience
  • Types of Videos
  • Videos of People in Your Church
  • Quality Videos
  • Shooting Videos
  • Close Up Shots
  • Your Smartphone
  • Sound
  • Lighting
  • Editing Your Videos
  • Software Options
  • Music Options
  • Length of Videos
  • Sharing Your Videos
  • Sharing on Your website
  • Sharing on YouTube
  • Sharing Other Places to Share
  • Facebook Live for Worship
  • End of Module


  • Why Blogging Is Still Relevant
  • Getting Started
  • From Your Church Website
  • Stand-alone Blogs (Blogger, WordPress)
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Juggling Multiple Projects
  • Creating Good Blog Posts
  • Learn from Comments
  • Dealing with Negative Comments
  • Different Kinds of Blogposts
  • Sharing Your Blog
  • Write Great Posts
  • Talk About It
  • Church Communication Channels
  • Using Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Evaluating Your Blog
  • Use Analytics
  • Questions to Ask
  • End of Module

 Email Newsletters

  • Email Newsletter Introduction
  • Email Is Still Thriving
  • Meaningful Communication
  • Overview of the Plan
  • Email Newsletter Planning
  • Email Service Providers
  • Make it Mobile
  • Limit the Volume
  • Before You Send
  • Engaging Subject Lines
  • Administration of Email Newsletters
  • Getting Addresses
  • Organizing Addresses
  • Scheduling Publication
  • Automate Delivery
  • Analytics
  • Your Planning Schedule
  • Telling Stories
  • Have a Common Thread
  • Balance Content
  • Ideas for Stories
  • Have a Call to Action
  • Schedule Review
  • Experiment!
  • End of Module

Final Review

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Evaluation Survey

Certificate of Completion