Communicator's Toolkit - Syllabus

Communicator’s Toolkit Syllabus


The Church Communicators’ Toolkit is loaded with real-world insights, helpful tips and inspiring video messages from a local church communicator. Learn how to address common communication challenges, implement deadlines in your church, and deal with administrative issues related to your social media. You will also learn how to jumpstart a communication plan, set goals, improve your online accessibility, and archive the intellectual property your church creates.


Video 1: What does a church communicator do?

• Think about all the tasks a church communicator does on a weekly basis


Video 2: What gets you out of the bed in the morning?

• Consider the importance of “why” a communicator does what they do


Common Communication Issues

• Deadlines

• Relationships with Staff and Members

• Communication Requests

• Social Media Issues

• Communicate with All Members


Video 3: How do you foster good relationships with the people you work with?

• Relationships are what make good church communication happen in your congregation


Video 4: Can you give us a practical example of situations that come up unexpectedly?

• How do you handle the unexpected in your role as a church communicator


Communication Planning

• Questions for Communication Planning

• Creating Communication Goals

• Creating Your Message

• Different Modes of Communication

• Language, Images, and Video Messages

• Timeline for Sharing Your Message


Video 5: How do you handle communication requests from members and staff?

• What can you do to manage the requests that come to you as a church communicator


Video 6: How should churches approach marketing in the community?

• Church marketing has similarities and differences to other kinds of marketing


Online Accessibility

• Who Can Benefit from Improving Accessibility

• Improving Website Accessibility

• Images, Fonts, Moving Images

• Test Your Website’s Accessibility with an Online Tool

• Improving Email Accessibility

• Test Your Email Accessibility with an Online Tool


Digital Archiving

• Why Archiving Is Important

• Life-Cycle of Archiving Material

• Protecting Images, Videos, Recordings, and Financial Documents

• Organize Material and Archive Automatically

• Index Your Archives


Question and Discussion Forum

Evaluation Survey

Certificate of Completion