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United Methodist Communications Training offers affordable online courses, with professional instruction available on YOUR time. We provide instruction on how to engage church members and seekers in your community, reach out beyond the church’s walls, and share God’s love through the latest digital tools. The training courses offered here generally take 1-2 hours to complete, however the application and implementation of the course content and your new skills will likely require more time.

Also, check out the learning bundles we offer. The learning bundles offer three unique courses focused on a central theme of communication to help you chart a plan to meet your congregation’s communication needs.


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Developing A Strategy for Communications Planning
Developing a Strategy for Communication Planning is a four-week, online learning experience designed to help church leaders take the next steps towards effective communication planning.
Moving the Church Forward Through Communication 2021
This conference featured multiple learning workshops and church communication professionals equipped to share ideas on how we move the church forward through communication.
Communicating During Seasons of Change
Communicating During Seasons of Change is a four-week, online learning experience designed to help leaders navigate change in their churches and learn ways to communicate about change effectively.
Capturing Better Smartphone Photos
You can take great photos with your smartphone. This training will help you maximize your smartphone's capabilities and help you make up for the limitations of smartphone cameras.
Launching Your Church Website 2021
Launching Your Church Website will help you get your church website up and running. This course helps you zero in on the engagement, design, and launching of a successful church website.
Leveraging Communication 2021
This learning opportunity contains access to numerous workshops, facilitated by professionals and leaders of innovative church communications. These workshops are designed to help church leaders utilize a variety of communication skills and tools to share their church’s story.
Communicating about Online Giving
Churches must find effective ways to communicate about giving if they wish to have fruitful ministries that make a difference. This training will give you the tools you need to show why we give and how to give to the ongoing work of the church through online platforms.
Leading Remote Worship
Technology offers churches new ways to provide meaningful worship experiences to people. This training will help you get a remote worship service started and give you tips for improving your remote worship.
Video Editing for Churches
The Video Editing for Churches course will help you learn how to use editing tools like Adobe Rush and iMovie to create videos your members, newcomers, and others will want to see.
Effective Technology Tools for Churches
How can church leaders stay on top of emerging trends in communication technology? These bite-sized trainings will help you learn how to use innovative communication tools for your church.
Communicator's Toolkit
Welcome to the Communicator’s Toolkit. In this course, learn how to address common issues, jumpstart a communication plan, and watch inspiring videos from a church communicator.
Digital Media for Ministry
Welcome to Digital Media for Ministry. In this course, we will examine the best ways to reach people in your community and the world using digital media.
Social Media For Churches
Social media allows your church to post photos and videos, online devotions, announcements about upcoming events, and much more. Learn the best practices for using popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
Welcoming Ministry
Welcoming Ministry will help you maximize your gifts and resources to make your congregation more welcoming to visitors and members.