Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. Introduction

    3. Additional Resources

    1. What is General Conference?

    2. Organizational Structure

    3. A Process of Inspiration and Discernment

    4. Holy Conferencing

    5. Two Books of Great Value

    6. The Work of General Conference

    7. The Church Constitution and Church Structure

    8. The Role of Bishops

    9. Electing Judicial Council Members

    10. Wrap-Up

    1. The Methodist Movement in America

    2. The First Conference of Methodists in America

    3. The Christmas Conference of 1784

    4. From Christmas Conference to General Conference

    5. The Laity Movement

    6. Laywomen to General Conference

    7. Clergy Rights for Women

    8. From Social Creed to Social Principles

    9. Celebrating 50 Years of the United Methodist Church

    10. Wrap-Up

    1. The Election Process

    2. Pre-Conference Briefing

    3. Daily Christian Advocate

    4. Multicultural and Multilingual

    5. General Conference at a Glance

    6. A Delegate's Perspective

    7. Wrap-Up

    1. The Commission on General Conference

    2. The Plan of Organization and Rules of Order

    3. Submitting a Petition to General Conference

    4. Reviewing Petitions in Legislative Committees

    5. Making Recommendations to the General Conference

    6. Voting on Petitions

    7. Setting the General Church Budget

    8. Wrap-Up

    1. The Commission on a Way Forward and General Conference 2019

    2. Resources for General Conference 2020 (now 2024)

    3. Wrap-Up

About this course

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  • How delegates are elected to General Conference, their role, and responsibilities
  • How petitions the general church budget, and other important matters are decided through General Conference
  • The various social issues facing The United Methodist Church and the denomination's stance on these issues

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