Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. What to Expect From This Course

    3. Common Church Website Myths

    4. Church Communication Channels

    5. Your Website as a Tool for Engagement

    1. Introduction

    2. What are your church's values?

    3. What is your church's vision?

    4. Review Values and Vision

    5. Understanding Your Audience

    6. Focus Less on Your Church and More on Your Audience

    7. Market Events Targeting Visitors and Newcomers

    1. Introduction

    2. Don't Forget the Basics

    3. Help Visitors Know What to Expect

    4. Learning About the People of Your Church

    5. Meeting Leaders and Staff

    6. Other Tips

    7. Review What You've Learned

    8. Learn More

    1. Introduction

    2. Who Will Design Your Site?

    3. Who Will Host Your Site?

    4. Keep Your Site Simple

    5. Visual Dos and Don'ts

    6. The Importance of Mobility

    7. Examples from Other Churches

    8. Review What You've Learned

    1. Introduction

    2. Ideas for Website Pages

    3. Creating a Blog for Your Site

    4. Adding Videos to Your Site

    5. Adding Sermon Recordings and Podcasts

    6. Review What You've Learned

    1. Calls to Action

    2. Promoting Your Website

    3. Using FAQ Pages

    4. Review What You've Learned

About this course

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  • 41 lessons
  • Use your website to share your values and vision with a focus on visitors
  • Apply basics of website design for a smooth user experience
  • Develop content that serves members and visitors

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