Church Marketing

Start the journey to more effectively share your church’s story and identity with the community through a comprehensive church marketing plan.

This course is designed to help churches implement a strategic marketing plan by exploring the planning process, branding standards and various ways their church can have an impact. Additionally, the Church Marketing Plan Tool (CMPT) is designed to help church leaders identify and fine tune the strategies needed to increase the church’s reach and thrive in the areas that are unique to their community.



Course Details:

  • Cost: $19.99

Course Start Date:

Church Marketing is an open enrollment course; students can register for this class at any time. Students will have access to the online course for six months starting from the day of registration.

What will I learn?

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Plan and build a marketing plan.
  • Launch a successful marketing strategy.
  • Identify the importance of a consistent brand.
  • Develop a custom plan geared at reaching the people in your community.
  • Utilize the Church Marketing Plan Tool.

What can I expect?

  • You will have access to the online course for six months starting from the day you register.
  • Helpful resources that will help you market and brand your church.

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Refund Policy: For fee-based courses, a full refund (100%) of the purchase price will be issued upon request from the date of purchase through the first seven days of the course. There are no refunds offered after the seventh day of the course.

Price: $19.99