Launching Your Church Website

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Launching Your Church Website focuses on going beyond just having a church website to effectively implementing a broader online presence. We will cover the tools to plan, build, and launch a successful online strategy that helps people connect with your church in a new way. With people living a big part of their lives online, what does this transition to an online world mean for the church?

This course will cover the basics of creating your church website. However, this course also looks at going beyond just having a church website focusing on how to effectively implement a broader online presence. By engaging your audience online first, you extend your reach beyond Sunday services and expose your audience to your message before they visit your church.

Course Details:

  • Cost: $19.99
  • Upon successful completion, learners are awarded 1.0 ALLLM CEU.

Course Start Date:

Launching Your Church Website is an open enrollment course; students can register for this class at any time. Students will have access to the online course for one year starting from the day of registration.

What will I learn?

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Begin navigating and building a website on the WordPress platform.
  • Identify your website’s target audience.
  • Craft the goal of your website and your overall message.
  • Create and design content for a church website.
  • Develop menus and proper page structure.
  • Access resources, training and support through United Methodist Communications and its web and internet technology sites, forums and events.

What can I expect?

  • You will have access to the online course for one year starting from the day you register.
  • A course moderator will assist you with questions within the course.
  • You will receive 8 weeks of free WordPress hosting. If you wish to continue after the 8 weeks, a fee will be charged depending on what level you choose.

Click Here for Course Syllabus

Note: If you have a different type of website and are interested in UMCom moving that to the WordPress platform, there is an additional charge for moving files to a WordPress platform. For more information, please go to

Refund Policy: For fee-based courses, a full refund (100%) of the purchase price will be issued upon request from the date of purchase through the first seven days of the course. There are no refunds offered after the seventh day of the course.

Price: $19.99