Leveraging Communication 2021


Join us for this church communications learning opportunity, designed for all leaders and communicators across all denominational lines. All are welcome! 

The workshops curated in this course are facilitated by professionals and leaders of innovative church communications and originate from a two-day learning conference hosted by United Methodist Communications. Each workshop topic includes the original recording of the training along with a follow-up Q&A session with the workshop facilitator.

The trainings shared during this learning experience were designed to help church leaders focus on leveraging a variety of communication tools such as social media, digital ministry, news writing, amongst other topics to share their church’s story with the members and seekers in their communities. Click the following link to learn more about each learning opportunity available in this course- Workshop Topics.

Upon enrolling in the course- you will have access to all workshop materials for 90 days, starting with your registration date. Note: "From Chaos to Discord Inc." is the only workshop without a Q&A session with the facilitator.




Price: $50.00