Video Editing for Churches

The Video Editing for Churches course is designed for busy clergy, lay leaders, and ministry volunteers who want to make videos that stand out. By using simple editing tools, your videos will have a more polished and professional feel.

Begin this course by clicking on the links below. When you have finished a lesson, simply close the window and return to this page to select a new topic to explore.

  • Adobe Rush: Learn how to use Adobe Rush to edit your videos and format them for popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • iMovie: Learn how to use iMovie to edit your videos and format them for different platforms like Facebook, YouTube, or your website.
  • Recording Great Videos: Before you start editing, learn how to use technology you already own and a few accessories to record the very best video possible.

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What will I learn?

  • Edit video clips from your smartphone or other camera
  • Edit your videos to make them polished and professional
  • Add titles, transitions, music, and B-roll to your videos
  • Share your videos to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or your church's website